Why Delane

Integrity: Valuing the integrity of our business, our people, and our actions, is the heart and soul of our company’s culture. We believe it is the difference between being good and being great. Integrity is the foundation for our core values, methods, expectations, and outcomes.

Client first: We pride ourselves on forming strong relationships with our clients. To provide the best possible service, we strive to earn each client’s trust, and to better understand the overall project goals. We advocate for our clients. When working for a client we view it as a collaboration process that goes beyond the typical client-consultant relationship.  

Professionalism: Few engineering firms understand the importance of real-world field experience. Using our construction and development background, we ensure that every team member understands their role, the clients’ goals, and what their responsibilities are for the project, before they begin to design it on paper.

Quality: Our engineers have knowledge beyond engineering that helps us understand all aspects of design and construction, and collaborate with all project design teams to ensure the successful implementation of the project’s goals. Every detail of a project is critical to the overall design and construction in terms of cost, quality, and schedule. In order to elevate the quality of our work we utilize industry experts to provide a third party review whenever feasible.

Innovation: We construct projects in 3D, using technology to virtually build the project prior to construction so that issues can be identified and resolved prior to commencement. We don’t just plug data into a model after it has been designed, we design and model our projects from the beginning using three dimensional tools because it is the best way to provide the quality and efficiency that we strive to deliver.

Efficiency: Because we are a small firm, we have the room to grow and adapt to our client’s individual needs. This flexibility gives us the lead in a market that is generally slow to adapt to changing needs.

Sustainability: At Delane, the term sustainability means more than just green products and LEED points. It is efficient design and use of materials, long term maintenance considerations, economic considerations, and making sure that our clients’ investment is managed responsibly. Sustainability without these things is simply not sustainable.