Site BIM Management and Modeling

3D-based design and coordination is the new standard, expect the same from your Civil Engineer. Our team members have served as leaders in the industry in the application of 3D/BIM for site work since 2007. BIM has since been a standard integrated process in our design workflow… significantly aiding in quality control, communication, and coordination with our client, design team, owners and agencies. DELANE has supported architects, general contractors, underground utility subcontractors, MEP contractors, and large engineering firms in such capacity, during design and/or construction, for hard-bid, CMAR, and Design-Build project delivery, for the following services:

  • Support for Vertical Development, alignment of site and building models and systems with real world coordinates
  • Enhanced modeling for grading and wet utilities, as well as dry utilities, retaining walls and footings, light poles and foundations, tree root balls, appurtenances, pavement sections and foundational soil layers
  • Detailed 100% accurate-to-design surface including grade changes at ramps, curbs, slopes, walls, and building perimeter
  • Increased Quality and Quality Control
  • Modeling of Civil Design by others during construction to aid in Construction Coordination
  • Collaboration with Revit through Navisworks and BIM 360 Glue
  • Model Collaboration and Conflict Management
  • Enhanced 3D CAD based research and base mapping
  • Existing Utility prioritization, investigation, management, modeling, and analysis, including pothole data modeling
  • Topographic Survey Conversion to 3D, including trees and root balls, signs, fencing, walls, light poles, foundations, buildings, roads, pavement sections, etc
  • Subsurface Soil Formation Layers in 3D
  • Existing Surface Feature and Utility Model Development to support projects and programs, earthwork calculations, offsite or early utilities, design constraints and coordination, Facilities Management, stakeholder communication, visualization, quality and quality control

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